The Rollercoaster that was May

As the month comes to a close, I just want to salute the rollercoaster that was May 2023.

The Rollercoaster that was May
Photo by iStrfry , Marcus / Unsplash

As the month comes to a close, I just want to salute the rollercoaster that was May 2023. The month started off on a high note with a pleasant Office Hour with one of the FI Mentors which inspired me and motivated me to work on and draft my first Pitch Deck - Not just because it was my "Pitch Mastery" assignment. Mr. Adeyinka Aderombi showed a knowledge and an understanding of my market segment and intended service that made his feedback very valuable to me.

Next, I attended the first hangout of FI founders organized by the Founder Institute and got to meet my fellow founders, mentors, and directors of the Institute. I even squeeze in a couple of office hours with the mentors that were present. I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with and converse with them all in person. Putting names to faces, and characters to persons. But after this, I got swallowed.

I got swallowed by the workload that comes with being in a business accelerator. Just like last month, this meant I didn't have the space or time to write like I usually do. As I worked my way out of that hole, we had our Mentor Idea Review, which I barely passed by the skin of my teeth. You can see my pitch deck at the link below, and watch me give my pitch in the following video:

TMC Insight Labs Pitch Deck.pdf
TMC Insight Labs Draft Pitch Deck
Damola Pitching the TMC Insight Labs Idea

Then, I spent some time mocking up a landing page for Insight Labs which you can find at With all that done, I finally had a semblance of a business demo which I could share with my potential customers. Needless to say, I believe that some of those potential customers lie amongst you, my Red String followers. But I'll save your real pitch for a different blog post.

This one is just to give you a rundown of how May went for me. I hope that I've captured the main gist for you all. Thank you for following along in my journey. Have a great week/month ahead. Take care. Until next time :)