Dear readers,

For the last few weeks I have struggled to write. I have been out of ideas, short of inspiration, and devoid of motivation… But last night, I had a dream, and that dream has compelled me to write to you.

I want to talk about stories, about the power of stories. I want to remind you that a good story has the power to change lives, both for the better and for the worse. I want you to remember that a good story may be persuasive. It may be a call to action, as powerful as any speech you've ever heard.

I want to talk about stories, about the historical purpose of stories. I want to remind you that storytellers are custodians of our history too - and our history, documents everything. Our beliefs, triumphs, failures, what have you. Stories of the Greeks and Romans persist to this day. So will our stories.

And finally, I want to make the point that, like a fine wine, good stories age. They become myth, they become legend, they become old wives tales. Thus, a good positive story can change our documented past, our lived present, and our future generations.

Today I wanted to talk about stories, because I dreamed of an Africa dominated by negative media. Both from within, and without. I dreamed of an Africa where the people believed every negative statement the world made about them… and it was horrible.

So let us tell ourselves good positive stories.