All I am saying Americans, is that there can be only one English. What you write, what you read, what you speak, is nothing but a pidgin; Or at best, a dialect. Don't deceive yourselves into thinking you speak true English because you don't. The only true English is the "Queen's English!"

Still I guess it's too late for all that now. American English is already in dictionaries, novels, on websites, and recognised by people all over the world. So this article will wind up as nothing more than an example of freedom of expression.

Yet for those of you who do agree with what I have said, I propose that from this day forth we denounce American English and move to calling it American Pidgin instead. LOL!

[Edit Jan 20 2011] I have since confirmed that American English is in fact a dialect of English. However unlike other languages, there is no one standard. So British English is as much a dialect of English as is American and standard english (S.E) is whatever the national standard of the region is.  Check it out on Wikipedia here