Building on our discussion about love so far, having already talked about theories and experiences, I thought it would be a good time to talk about fact i.e the biological science of love that underlies some of this confusion. To do this, I have decided to share with you yet another video.

Now to tell the truth, when I discovered this video, I wasn't looking for it at all. I found myself watching TED videos for reasons I no longer remember, expecting to hear things akin to business and industry advice as I have heard in the past.

Yet from one video to the next, the subjects discussed were on topics like happiness, contentedness, work-life balance, and finally love. Maybe someone, somewhere, was trying to tell me something... 😆

Nevertheless, when I landed on this particular video of love it struck a chord. In particular, it helped me understand why the figurative mind and heart don't always agree, and why we are all driven to love nonetheless. So watch it below, and enjoy. I hope it strikes a chord with you too 🙂