My favourite genre of book is fantasy fiction. Books like The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, and Harry Potter by J.K Rowlings, fall under this category. My next favourite is just plain fiction of any sort. Some of my favourite fiction authors include John Grisham, Frank Peretti, and Dan Brown.

Thus, when I was naming this section, I decided that rather than deceive you with some generic book recommending title, I would tell you straight up what you will find here: Fiction & Fantasy Fiction. As for the "and More", none of those this month so just skip on to the next section if you know you don't enjoy fiction.

This past month, I started and am still reading just 1 book: The Thousandfold Thought by R. Scott Bakker. However, as it is the last part in a trilogy known as The Prince of Nothing series, I have 3 books to recommend to you. So before I get into what the series is all about, first let me say this - we're talking LOTR level fantasy fiction here - Sorcerers, Knights, Councils, Kingdoms, Empires, Adventure - The whole nine yards.

The Prince of Nothing Series follows the journey of a man as he goes in search of his father much like Frodo goes to destroy the ring. Except, in this case, our protagonist is not the stereotypical good guy, and neither is he powerless. As the series progresses, you might even come to question as I am now whether he is truly a protagonist at all as he does whatever it takes to achieve his ends.