In the first book, we are introduced to our protagonist - Kellhus Anasurimbor of the Dunyain - as he receives a summons of sorts from his father beckoning him to come to a city called Shimeh. We are also introduced to the sorcerer Drusas Achamian: and through his eyes, his thought, and his journey, we learn about the history and current state of the world.

A world in which the dominant religion and tradition is the Tusk - A religion much like Islam; A world of religious fanaticism & sorcerer schools; A world where only a select few sorcerers remember that civilization was once brought to the brink of annihilation; A world that regards all sorcerers as outcasts, and the few who remember as worse. A world seen through the eyes of one of "the few".

It is into this world that Kellhus is introduced, a Kellhus who has never left the four walls of the Dunyain encampment, who knows absolutely nothing of the world, who has no idea where Shimeh is, how he's going to get there, or even why he has been summoned there, but a Kellhus who is Dunyain, and possesses the power of the "logos" - the ability to discern what came before.