I’m on a Plane (Lyrics)

I’m on a Plane (Lyrics)

The original "I'm on a boat" SNL Digital Short can be found here

Awww yeah!
Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take off!
Everybody in the plane keep your seats upright
And stay in your mother loving chairs!
We taking off, Let's Go!

I'm on a plane [T Pain: On a plaane]
I'm on a plane [T Pain: On a plaane]
Everybody pray for me cuz I'm flying in a plane [T Pain: flying in a plane]

I'm on a plane [T Pain: On a plaane]
I'm on a plane
Take a good hard look at the motherloving plane [T Pain: yeeaahhh]

I'm on a plane everybody, take a look at me
Private seat, private jet, and we flying free
No speed limit when we flying fast through the air
Just a sonic boom when we break the sound barrier

Plug my ears now
I think I'm feeling weird
Gripping the handrest tight cause I'm feeling scared

I got my own screen
And a leg rest
I'm riding first class, while you riding with the rest

I do my own flying
Doing flips n shit
Passengers are screaming
Thinking i will crash the jet
But this ain't a simulation
This as real as it gets
I'm on a plane mother lover
Don't you ever forget

I'm on a plane annnnd
It's going fast annnnd
I gotta visa for the country where I wanna land
I'm the king of the wooorld
On a jet like a G6
If you watch the shoooowwww
Then you believe this:

Fuck mehn, I'm on a plane motherlover [T Pain: motherlover]
Fuck cars, I fly planes motherlover [T Pain: motherlover]
I'm in the jet with ma boys motherlover [T Pain: yeah]
This plane aint a 747 motherlover

Hey Ma if you could see me now [T Pain: see me now]
Arms spread wide in the airplane aisle [T Pain: airplane aisle]
Gonna fly this plane to the moon somehow [T Pain: moon somehow]
Like Kevin Garnett: "Anything is possible!" [T Pain: yeah]

[T Pain:
Never thought I'd be on a plaaane
It's just not the saaammee
The Booooaaat
Not for meeeee
Never thought I'd see the dayyy
When a G6 would fly my wayyy
Believe me when I sayyy
I porked a hosteeeeyyyeeeyeeeyeeyeeahhh