Kuluya.com is a website that seems to be a Nigerian spin on Newgrounds.com. It's fairly new, but already provides a home to several original flash-based Nigerian games. From games like "Okada" where you drive a motorcycle taxi, to others like "Ten-Ten" where you must choose a winning stance in the well known children's outdoor game, these games are sure to entertain you.

All of them also seem to feature original art for the characters and backgrounds, as well as Nigerian/African sound effects and soundtracks for everything that happens in the game! Personally, it is these familiar sounds that I find most entertaining. There's nothing quite like playing Mama Put (a Fruit Ninja clone) to the background music of Iya Basira by Styl Plus.

Some of the games do have bugs, as is the case with new software, but overall they're quite fun and provide a way to kill time when you're bored. So next time you're surfing the net with nothing to do, stop by kuluya.com and see what's new. Finally, don't be afraid to leave them a comment or two with feedback on what you thought of the games... and before you move on, please check out the deviant artist who brought this project to my attention: ~mohammedagbadi.