Merry Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas Everybody!!! Thank you for joining me on the ride that is Damola Mabogunje's Life & Times. This year was a memorable one...

Merry Christmas 2021
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Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Thank you for joining me on the ride that is Damola Mabogunje's Life & Times.  This year was a memorable one for several reasons. First, it was my first actual Valentines day in many years! Due to Corona, it was a remote operation, but as God would have it, also a successful one. In addition, I got certified for Mailchimp on the same day.

I Got Certified on Valentines Day!
Yay! So Valentines Day this year, was a big day for me. One, because for the first time in several years, I actually decided to get myself a Valentine - and, as God would have it, she agreed to be my Valentine. And two... three... and four, because I got

Next, I broke both my hands. Yes, no typo here, I actually broke the two of them at the same time. I was in a cast and everything for some weeks while I waited for it to heal. Luckily it wasn't a painful break, and besides the inconvenience of having no hands to use, my days went as usual.

Yepa! I don break my hand o!
I suppose the above would have been what I expected to hear if my life was a poor excuse for a Nollywood movie

Then I flew to England for my friend Damilola's wedding. At the time, the arrangements were a little bit hush-hush so I believe I didn't mention her name or share any of the concrete details. But now that it's over and done with, I can talk about it a bit more.

Dami's wedding was a small classy affair. In terms of attendance, I believe the couple's parent's friends took the bulk of the seats and their own friends were in the minority. But that aside, the seating arrangements were such that I got to see my old Atlantic Hall friends Joseph & Moyo and we all had a good time. I also got to meet the best man who was a jolly good fellow, so all in all the night was well spent.

Unfortunately, I also had to leave a bit early so I can't tell you much about the late-night partying that went on. But I hear it was good fun too.

My Hands are Healed & I’m in England
Hey folks. This is going to be a short one. First off, I just want to report that my hands have finally healed, and I’m back to writing form...

Finally, I completed my online course in Data Analytics sometime in September and got certified by Google. This was the last certification in a long line of preparation to get me set up as a Digital Manager of sorts... and I am very proud to have completed it.

Say Hello to the Newest Data Analyst on Your Block
Hello all! After 6 months of engaging training, I have finally completed my Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate!


Obviously, these few items are just a glimpse into what happened in 2021. There is still so much material on all the books I read, anime I watched, and devotionals I studied, not to mention other life events that I didn't capture here.

Despite COVID, 2021 ended up being a positive year for me. As I wove my Red String throughout the year by making my various choices and doing my various activities, I came to realise at some point, that this is how you make a life. You choose stuff, and do stuff, and learn stuff, and lose stuff, and along the way you become the kind of person who does the stuff you do, and makes the choices you make. And if you do it right, those choices and those actions will ultimately lead you to a fulfilled life. This is the realisation I leave you with in 2021. Merry Christmas all! I look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.

Choosing My Way to Fulfilment
Life is a series of choices; and over the last 2 years, what I’ve learnt more than anything, is that those choices matter.