New Year, New Me, New Red String. Hello, 2020!

New Year, New Me, New Red String. Hello, 2020!

Happy New Year Everybody!

I know it's already March but this is my first post of the year, so chop my greeting. It has also been about 6 months since my last post, so I'm just happy to get back in touch with you all for the first time this year. :D

Chop Knuckle

If you're wondering why I've been so quiet, just stop by the blog and you'll notice it's got a whole new look and feel. I've migrated away from our previous Blogging Software (WordPress) to a Newer one, called Ghost.

The Red String Homepage © 2020
The Red String Blog © 2020

In addition, I'm also instituting a number of changes:

1. No More Downloadable PDFs

When I started this blog about 10 years ago, Internet connectivity and availability in Nigeria was relatively poor. So it made sense to provide PDFs that people could download in one go, and then read at their leisure without worrying about loading a new webpage for every article.

These days however, internet connectivity in Nigeria is much better, and most of you can browse online decently, be it on your mobile, desktop, or indeed, tablet.

2. No More Editions

Similarly, when I started this blog way back then, it served primarily as a counterpart to the PDFs. I would make the PDFs, then upload and duplicate their content on the website. So people could either browse online (if their internet was good) or download otherwise.

Over time I became more of a blogger, and setup mechanisms to directly email my articles to your inboxes, and automatically post on Twitter and Facebook (if you follow me there). So there's no longer a need to categorise my posts by Edition. That said, as you can see in the image above I have still kept a link to Editions for anyone who might be interested in the older issues.

3. Posts are Now Categorized By Topic

As you can also see in the image above, there's a topics link. This is how I intend to organise my posts going forward. In fact, this is something I had intended to start doing years ago - as you might've read in my post The Grand Design.

Years later, that is now, I'm finally getting around to it. I hope that this method will make it easier for you to find articles to read that match your interests - rather than trying to remember in which edition Damola said X. I also went back through all the older posts and categorised them, so you should be able to find anything you're looking for.

4. Finally, You Might Notice Some Gaps

It's still early days on this platform, so I haven't gotten round to implementing everything. Most noticeably, there's no site search yet, and some comments you may have left in the past may not have been migrated successfully. Just like with my old blog, going forward I'll periodically be tinkering with this one, and adding whatever is needed. Feel free to email me at if you have any challenges - and I'll see what I can do.

Finally, Finally

A big part of my New Year's resolutions this year, is to keep up with my writing. So I intend to post more frequently and consistently. In the place of editions, I've set it up so that at the end of every month you get an email with all the posts you may have missed that month. Of course, we still have to see if it works...

That said, sometimes (like with this post) I may send you messages directly, without waiting for the month's end. I look forward to connecting with you again this year - and I hope you continue to enjoy what you find on The Red String.

Sincerely Yours,
Damola M. @ The Red String