We all know what these are, and most of us make them. We rarely follow through with all if any of them, but we make them nonetheless because we hope. Obviously hope isn't enough for me though, since I've been hoping all this time to no avail.

So this year in addition to hoping, I'm doing something extra. I am writing it down and making you readers my fail-safe. If I do not do all these things this year, I will hold you as responsible as myself. Lol.

I must to do these things this year! 🙂

  1. Graduate
  2. Read all the books of the old testament.
  3. Begin using my "Yoruba for Dummies" CD that my mum gave me. That's not what it's called but it is what it is. LOL.
  4. Finish my WPDK project.
  5. Finish the first draft of "The Blood Disease".
  6. Keep up with and improve TRS.