The Nigerian Entrepreneurs' Handbook: Marketing & Communications by FATE Foundation and A'Lime Media Limited

This book is my most recent read from the FATE collection. Its topic, Marketing & Communications, is closely related to my work and... to my play.

The Nigerian Entrepreneurs' Handbook: Marketing & Communications by FATE Foundation and A'Lime Media Limited
Book Cover of The Nigerian Entrepreneurs' Handbook: Marketing & Communications

The Nigerian Entrepreneurs' Handbook on Marketing & Communications by Fate Foundation in collaboration with A'Lime Media Ltd. is my most recent read from the FATE collection and the last book I had an intrinsic interest in; the remaining books being on Tax, HR, and Legal. Topics that are necessary for me to know, but that I do not particularly have an interest in. So I may not return to them until the next lull in my reading material, or when the knowledge becomes pressing...

Anyway, back to the handbook. I took an interest in the Marketing & Communications topic because it has a lot to do with my work. A big part of my responsibilities as CTO of TMC is to manage our online presence. This covers our communications channels (both owned and paid), and our actual communications themselves. Be it blog posts, social media posts, or emails... I'm basically responsible for all of that.

Moreover, as I've come to appreciate in the last few years, a considerable portion of the technologies I implement and use, fall under the category of MarTech. That is, Marketing Technology. From the Website to the Social Media to the Emails, the function of all these business tools is 80% for Marketing & Promotion. So knowing more about Marketing can only help. But more importantly, I love the work, and I love to learn, and learning more about my work brings my two loves together right? So what's not to love.

The other obvious point is that when you combine Technology and Marketing, you get Digital Marketing. And as I mentioned in my book review about the Digital Technology book in the collection, it was covered there, but from a technology angle. This book comes at it from the Marketing angle. Talking about what makes for effective communication, how to define and appeal to your target audience, understanding the psychology of your ideal consumer... and more that I won't get into. My reviews are to give you a taste, so you can decide whether or not you want to buy it. Not to reveal the whole story. Authors need to make money too.

So, for me, getting the benefit of reading about Digital Marketing from both perspectives was important. And just like the Digital Marketing book did, it helped me validate my own Digital Marketing knowledge while introducing me to a few new things. In addition to this, there is also the fact that I am a writer, which means that marketing and communications information is useful to me besides digital marketing. Even in my plain old writing.

All put together, this book was useful to me in more ways than one,  and it might well be the second book I would consider reading again, out of all the books I've read in the collection.