Valentines day every year is always a day of polar opposites. Either you're being pleasantly reminded of the joys of being in a relationship, or painfully reminded of the loneliness that comes with singularity. You are either finding love, or losing hope. Partying it up, or Mellowing out. With people, or by yourself. And this generally means that you either love valentines day, or you disdain it.

For most of my life I have been one of the disdainers. Not in the sense of hate, but in the sense of indifference. I was hoping that this valentines day would be different, but circumstances have dictated otherwise. For the intended target of my valentines day gift has left the country. Notwithstanding the fact that this was the first time I thought I might give a gift that had meaning for me in that I genuinely cared how it might be received, I can't say that I miss the feeling of trepidation that accompanied it.

Oh no! I do hope this doesn't cause confusion. I just realised I know multiple girls currently out of the country this valentines. Well that would be interesting in it's own way now wouldn't it? But moving on, while I may be a disdainer this time, I think that many of you will be lovers. So to help you all on your way, I'd like to give you a small valentines gift. It should give both you and your companion a good laugh.

We are great togeda
Like garri and ewa
Ogi and akara
Pami and suya

Supa glue e don gum us
Nottin small fit commot us

Even say I don leave hia
One bobo wan begin dia
Omo mehn, I no go fia
Dis kind love, e no go tia

So my dia, be shiure
My love? E dey knock door
For the Only Shuga in My Tea