A Few Yards Elsewhere

A Few Yards Elsewhere
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Twist A Constant Battle
Twist The Tragedy of the Pretty Woman
16 The House of God
Twist Sometimes You Can Only Enjoy the Music
19 The Class Divide

With the introduction of Twists in 2012, our social media only column, there were bound to be a few articles that the disconnected would miss. So our list here has a few of the more interesting ones, to encourage you to follow us online, as well as off.

  1. Extermination: A Constant Battle tells of my encounter with an old arch-nemesis, and how it made me appreciate the handiwork of my mother during my childhood.
  2. In The Tragedy of the Pretty Woman, I lament the pessimism that almost overtook me one fine day in October, and pledge to never let it happen again.
  3. The House of God does not talk about Church, but rather, the person of God. In this piece I use the popular TV series House, as an analogy to describe my impression of The Almighty.
  4. Music soothes the soul, or so they say, but until it actually soothes your soul, the depth of meaning behind that expression might be lost on you. Which is why I tell you of my experience, in Sometimes You Can Only Enjoy the Music.
  5. Finally, The Class Divide tells of the day when I came to realise just how few black men make it into the upper echelons of wealth in the U.S. I make no assumptions about why that is, but in this article I bring to light a fine line that we need to stop ignoring, and begin crossing.