How I've been since February 2023

So what happened in March? The big news is that I've started my entrepreneurial journey by joining a pre-seed accelerator.

How I've been since February 2023
Photo by Maxime Horlaville / Unsplash

Hey everyone! This is just my second instalment of the "How I've been..." series, and I'm already a day late 😞.  I dunno. I started this article on time but it's taken me a few days to actually settle down to complete it. So what happened in March? The big news is that I've started my Entrepreneurial journey by joining a pre-seed accelerator called the Founder Institute. You can read all about it in my blog post here, and you can also check them out for yourself, here.

Next is an update on my burn wound, which some of you have inquired about. The good news is that it's mostly healed, all that's left is for the worst burned parts to return to their normal skin colour:- as you can see below.

Those are the two major updates for this month. The last bit of news, which I think we can call minor, is that I finally finished the book on Data Science that I was reading. It was a tough read because you had to do (or at least understand) the practical exercises alongside the reading. But now that I'm done with it, I feel that it helped me clarify my interest in Data Science by taking me through the mathematical rigour involved.

Am I really interested in crunching numbers and building predictive models the way Data Scientists do? No, not really. But I am interested in the analysis and visualizations that a Data Analyst can provide - which is what led me to get certified in 2021. So at least for the moment, I know my aim is to become a better Data Analyst, and not necessarily a Data Scientist. Allowing me to adjust my personal goals appropriately.

Of course, with time and experience, it may turn out that I eventually want to be a Data Scientist. I am not ruling that out. I mean, who wouldn't want to have "the sexiest job of the 21st century?"

So let's go back to my Founder Institute enrollment. For the next 15 weeks or so, I will be engrossed in developing my business idea into an actual company. I am hoping that I come out the other end, a true businessman - ready to face the world and run my enterprise. So here's to a new journey!  As my cover photo says:

The journey is on!